All The Men In Hollywood Whose #Time’sUp

In the months since Harvey Weinstein was outed as an alleged serial sexual harasser and rapist there has been a ripple effect through Hollywood. With the growth of the #MeToo movement encouraging women to tell their stories, there has been no lack of names on the list of men accused of horrible things. Weinstein’s outing was the tipping point in a long, tragic history of sexual abuse and gender-based violence in Hollywood. And it was the moment where women finally said time’s up, men.

The “Weinstein Effect,” as it’s been dubbed, has led to so many famous men being named as harassers and abusers. It’s hard to keep track day to day on who has been accused, of what, and by how many people. So here is your handy guide to all the alleged garbage men in Hollywood. The ones who have abused their power and abused women, and deserve to be named

James Franco

Franco is one of the latest men to get called out for his behaviors in Hollywood. Multiple women have come forward since Franco’s Golden Globes win to express their disgust. Many of the women are actresses that formerly worked on films with Franco and were directed by him. They noted his push for them to do exploitative nude scenes and his sexually aggressive nature. On Stephen Colbert‘s show Franco denied the claims but said he supports women coming forward and having a voice. And despite his vehement denials, he said that he will “fix” any pain he’s caused. The extent of how this will affect unclear.

Mario Batali

This celebrated chef was outed as a creep when four women went public with stories about him in New York in early December. The women, three of whom used to work for Batali, described inappropriate touching and uncomfortable comments from the man over the years. Batali surprisingly owned up to his actions. He said he didn’t know who the anonymous accusers were but that their accounts of his behavior match up to the ways he knows he behaves. And that would’ve been a fine apology if the idiot hadn’t included a recipe for his cinnamon rolls in with it.

David Copperfield

In one of the latest sexual assault scandals, famed magician David Copperfield was accused by a model of sexually assaulting her when she was only 17 years old in 1988. David responded, saying he was an avid supporter of the #MeToo movement, but that the allegations were false. He also suggested that throughout his career, other “false” allegations have been made against him, all of which he denies.

Paul Haggis

Filmmaker and director Paul Haggis has been accused by four women so far of sexual assault and rape. When one woman filed a civil lawsuit accusing him of rape, three other women were inspired to come forward with their own tales about Haggis. One of the other accusers said that he also raped her. As of now, Haggis’s attorney has only said that his client never raped anyone, but a trial is pending.

Steven Seagal

Seagal’s accusers haven’t been afraid to reveal themselves, with several of them being prominent actresses in Hollywood. Portia De Rossi and Jenny McCarthy both recall disturbing “casting couch” situations with the actor. Luckily they both got the hell out of there once he took his pants off and tried to do more. One young actress wasn’t so lucky, though, and has alleged that Seagal raped her when she was 18 and filming to movie On Deadly Ground with Seagal. The actor has so far denied all claims against him but the LAPD is investigating.

Ed Westwick

Number of accusers: 3

The former Gossip Girl star has had three separate women accuse him of rape and/or sexual misconduct in recent months. Two of the women allege the actor abused them while they were taking a nap, while the third recounts aggressive groping and kissing. Westwick has denied the claims and says he’s currently working with authorities to clear his name. His career has suffered, though. His BBC drama was put on hold amidst the allegations and he was recast in the TV adaptation of Ordeal by Innocence.

Morgan Spurlock

Number of accusers: n/a

Spurlock is the rare case of a man who outed himself. In a blog post, the Super Size Me star admitted that was “part of the problem.” He admitted that an interaction with a girl in college led her to claim that he raped her, and expressed discomfort at their encounter. He also mentions an incident from just eight years ago where he settled a sexual harassment claim for inflammatory language to a coworker. On top of all of this, he admitted to being unfaithful to every romantic partner he’s had. Spurlock is still culpable for the role he played in making women feel unsafe, but the admittance of wrongdoing is a positive step.

Jeremy Piven

Number of accusers: at least 3

The Entourage actor has been accused of sexual misconduct by two actresses from the show and an advertising executive. The women claim Piven groped and assaulted them. Piven has denied the claims, saying the allegations are false and denouncing the fact that “allegations are being printed as facts.” The claims against him have begun to impact his career negatively. CBS decided to end Piven’s drama Wisdom of the Crowd amid the allegations.

Joel Kramer

Number of accusers: at least 3

The allegations against the stunt-coordinator may be the most disturbing ones to rock Hollywood yet. Eliza Dushku came forward alleging Kramer molested her during the filming of True Lies in 1994 when she was just 12 years old. She also said that injuries she sustained on set were purposeful from Kramer after she told someone about what happened. Her parents, brother, and legal guardian at the time back up her claims and support her assertions. Two more allegations have come out since, one involving a girl who was 16 at the time. Kramer has denied the claims, victimizing himself in this “witch hunt.”

Danny Masterson

Number of accusers: 5

The That ’70s Show star has been followed by accusations for years, but just recently the allegations have been taken seriously. At least four of the women allege that Masterson raped them in the early 2000s, including an ex-girlfriend who said he raped her repeatedly. One of the women actually filed a police report in 2004, though the case didn’t move forward at that time. Masterson has denied the claims, but the allegations have affected his place in Hollywood considerably. He’s been written off his Netflix show The Ranch and is currently under investigation by the LAPD.

Al Franken

Number of accusers: 6

The former Saturday Night Live writer-turned-senator has been plagued with assault allegations since late last year. The accusations began with Leeann Tweeden, a radio news anchor who alleged Franken forcibly kissed and groped her in 2006. After she came forward, several other women accused the senator of groping them while posing for pictures. Franken resigned from the Senate in December following the allegations, setting a precedent for how lawmakers should handle allegations against them.

Jeffrey Tambor

Number of accusers: 2

Tambor has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by two members of the team working on the show Transparent. Both women allege he was verbally abusive and sexually aggressive, taking aim at a transgender actress in the process. In the wake of the allegations, Tambor left the show on which he played the lead role. He then condemned the “politicized atmosphere” on set. It’s still unclear if the show will return for a fifth season.

Dustin Hoffman

Number of accusers: 6

Multiple women have come forward saying that Hoffman groped them and used sexually explicit language with them on set and off. Three of the women united for a TV interview in December where they spoke about their experiences. Many of the women were merely teens at the time of the alleged abuse. Hoffman has denied the claims, calling them “defamatory falsehoods.”

Brett Ratner

Number of accusers: 7

Many women have come out with stories of inappropriate behavior from the director, including actress Olivia Munn. The accusers claim that not only did Ratner masturbate in front of them, but also forced himself on them. Actress Ellen Page also said that the director “outed” her in front of an entire set before she was ready to come out. Ratner has denied all claims but has stepped away from Warner Bros. while these issues are being “resolved.”

Russell Simmons

Number of accusers: multiple

Simmons allegations are varied, and they also involve some questionable actions involving Brett Ratner. One of the accusers, who was 17 at the time, alleges that she was raped by Simmons while Ratner watched and refused to help. Since that allegation, many other women have come forward about Simmons sexually aggressive behavior in the 1980s and 1990s. Simmons has responded saying all of his sexual encounters “have been consensual.”

Ben Affleck

Number of accusers: 2

After denouncing Harvey Weinstein’s predatory actions Affleck was accused himself of sexual misconduct. The first accuser was former TRL host and One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton who showed video proof of Affleck groping her breast. A second accuser came forward alleging Affleck grabbed her ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014. Affleck has owned up to his actions and says he’s looking at his behavior and wants to be “part of the solution.”

Woody Allen

Number of accusers: 1

Allen’s time in Hollywood has been plagued by accusations that he molested his step-daughter Dylan Farrow and while the information didn’t come out during the Harvey Weinstein debacle, it looks like Dylan’s voice is finally being heard. The recent backlash has grown even greater with Hollywood celebs apologizing for working with the filmmaker — though some holdouts like Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake continue to praise him. Farrow recently did her first TV interview about her step-father and asserted her allegations yet again. Allen has always denied the claims with Hollywood divided on whether to support or abandon him. So far, his career hasn’t really suffered.

Charlie Rose

Number of accusers: at least 9

The renowned journalist was accused by multiple female colleagues of groping them, speaking to them sexually, and walking around naked in their presence. Rose responded to the allegations by taking some culpability but still saying he didn’t feel like the accusations were wholly accurate. He’s been fired from his gig on PBS and his partnerships with CBS and Bloomberg TV.

Mark Schwahn

Number of accusers: multiple

The former One Tree Hill showrunner has run into his own drama in recent months. Schwahn was accused of sexual harassment by a former writer on the show and her allegations led to a number of former One Tree Hill cast and crew members backing up her claims and sharing their own harassment stories. As a result, Schwahn has been fired by E! and he will not be working on his show The Royals any longer.

Louis C.K.

Number of accusers: 5

In a searing article from The New York Times, five women came forward accusing the comedian of sexual misconduct. Several female comedians allege that C.K. masturbated in front of them and on the phone with them over the last 15 years. C.K. has owned up to his actions and said: “these stories are true.” His place in Hollywood is in jeopardy from his actions. He’s been dropped by FX, Netflix won’t be producing another stand-up special with him, and HBO has removed all of his content from their platforms.

Matt Lauer

Number of accusers: multiple

Lauer has seen his entire career crumble as a result of his alleged actions. After a complaint was filed against the Today show reporter, NBC was forced to investigate his actions and found incidents that have spanned across his whole 20+ year career at the company. Lauer allegedly sexually assaulted, harassed, and used language with women inside the workplace that was completely inappropriate. There were reports he had a button on his desk that locked his office door from afar, and some claim he gifted female colleagues sex toys. He was fired from his gig at Today and admitted “there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” The only benefit? A woman, Hoda Kotb, got to take his place.

Kevin Spacey

Number of accusers: multiple

When actor Anthony Rapp came forward about being sexually assaulted by Spacey, the floodgates opened. Accusations about the actor came from everywhere, including the set of his Netflix show House of Cards. Spacey gave an apology, of sorts, where he half-denied everything and then came out as gay at the exact wrong time. He has been fired from House of Cards and is reportedly seeking treatment to deal with his actions.

Donald Trump

Number of accusers: at least 21

Yeah, our President has been accused by over 20 women of sexual assault and harassment. From the audio of Trump bragging that he can “grab them by the pussy,” to his ex-wife alleging that he raped her, there have been quite a few accusations. Most women allege that the reality star turned President groped them, forcibly kissed them, or walked backstage during a beauty pageant without caring that the contestants were half-naked and uncomfortable with his presence. Trump and his team have denied the claims and accuse these women of looking for publicity.

Harvey Weinstein

Number of accusers: at least 80

The man who started it all. The Hollywood sexual assault scandal started when a group of brave women, including Mia Kirshner and Ashley Judd decided to tell their stories to The New York Times. Other famous women began to do the same, and Harvey’s decades of assault allegations finally made headlines. The former producer has been accused of everything from inappropriate touching to rape over the course of his career. He’s apparently used his power and influence to make or break women’s careers based on how they let him treat them. Weinstein has denied the rape accusations, but has begun counseling for his actions. He was ousted from his company, The Weinstein Company, his wife left him, and the LAPD is currently working on investigations against him.

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